[printed textiles] Makeup removal pads

After a few months away from my studio because of works in my kitchen and professional duties, I'm glad to be back and to ba able to sew and print a little. 

I started slowly and without ambition with these small rounded squares that I use for cleaning my face before bed. I used to have micro polar fleece but it wasn't as pretty as these and the little squares I used were not very practical.

A highly technical R&D

Just joking of course! I still have the cleaning pads bought for my daughter when she was a baby. They had been used for months until she didn't need to wear diapers, so I knew the size was perfectly right for my hand. I traced small rounded squares of around 10 cm. 


 Very quick printing session!

Very quick printing session!

A very quick printing session!

The setup for this session was really quick, two different colours, a very small squegee, small pieces of fabric and my beloved raindrops and circles in circles. During this session, I only printed two of each motifs, so I have 4 squares for now. 



The sewing part was even quicker: both layers are serged with a short stitch (1.5 on my pfaff). The longest step was probably to weave the remaining threads in!



I'm happy that I now have four makeup removal pads, they are in constant rotation and I should probably print and sew some more!